Mitte Januar traten in der Münchner Bayernkaseren 60 Jugendliche in einen 8-13tägigen Hungerstreik. Wie es in sogenannten „Flüchtlingsunterkünften“ aussieht, beschreibt u.a. der 18jährige Eternal aus dem Iran:

…then they sent me to a place that they call it (Lager or Camp). Jeah I went there. In the street that I was near to that place, you can smell all kind of terrible smells. So I went inside that place, when I saw the situation inside of that place for a moment I felt that I missed all my wishes. Also there was no way to deport myself to Iran. I forced to keep continue my life at that place. We were 10 guys in a 12 meter room. We leave together. One day one of the guys told me you must stand in the Queue get your food. I was so shame of standing on that qiue to get my food. The package food, you can take it them two times a week, you don’t have chance to choose your food they choosed it by them self for you. That food wasnt enough for a week that was for 3 or 4 days. The Goodman’s told the guys you hire maximum about 3 month and then you get transfer to a great place.

Am 29. Januar 2012 hat sich nun Mohammad Rahsepar in der Würzburger Flüchtlingsunterkunft erhängt. Auch er ist aus dem Iran geflohen. In Erinnerung an ihn findet am 13. Februar eine Demonstration in Würzburg statt.